The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is designed to assist those dealing with financial hardship caused by their disability. It provides up to $40,000 in income tax relief for qualified persons

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The government of Canada offers substantial child disability benefits & programs that may include the the Child Disability Benefit for families caring for children suffering from severe and prolonged disabilities.

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CPP disability benefits can be a lifesaver for disabled Canadians who find themselves unable to work as they can receive retroactive payments as well as future monthly payments

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Have a 10 minute no obligation, free assessment with one of our disability benefits specialists to determine your eligibility

We mail you relevant consent forms, you complete the forms and mail them back to us. Now RELAX! Sit back and let us do the rest.

We work with all relevant doctors & medical specialists to prepare your medical & tax application then submit your application to the CRA

The CRA reviews your case, we provide them with any additional information needed until they approve your application

Disability Credit Canada Has Helped Hundreds of clients!

Rose L., Saskatchewan has Arthritis. Received $16,102.93
Susan N., Ontario, child has bipolar disorder. Received $10,500
Crystal H., Alberta has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Received $23,278
Barry B., Ontario with a child who has ADHD. Received $36,195
Eric P., Manitoba has Crohn’s. Received $10,916
Yousuf H., Alberta, child with autism. Received $17,200
Jenny D., New Brunswick, a child with ADHD. Received $15,199
Terralyn O., Alberta has Crohn’s. Received $9,680
Deena C., Ontario, a daughter with ADHD. Received $18,000
Nathan J., Alberta has mental disability. Received $9,900
Laura T., Quebec, a son with autism. Received $16,100
Paul L., Alberta with Crohn’s. Received $7,958
James B., Ontario with ADHD. Received $11,253.45

My husband and I were new to the whole field.  You provided us with education, taking time to explain exactly how the process works.  We could not have done it without you.


With the $15,000 plus refund we received from the government we were able to pay off a credit card and also purchase much needed medial supplies.  We are truly grateful.

Robert and Sandy

As a result of your efforts, my son, who has struggled with ADHD for his whole life, is now able to afford University with the proper tutoring and extra help he needs.

Patricia C.
FREE ASSESSMENTWe know how difficult life is when you or your loved ones have disabilities that prevent you from living life to the fullest and that's why Disability Credit Canada Inc. mission is to help disabled Canadians receive the disability tax credit & benefits they are entitled to.
There are nearly 3.8 million Canadians who are considered to be disabled either physically or mentally. Many of these disabled individuals are not aware of the Canadian Disability Tax Credit act and the fact the Canadian government will apply tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members, and their caregivers up to $40,000.
Although any disabled Canadian can apply for the Disability Tax Credit by themselves and without any help of a disability tax credit professional, it is our experience that clients who use our professional services are usually receiving higher tax credits due to our professional application process and great experience with hundreds of applicants.
Disability Credit Canada Helps disabled Canadians receive disability tax credits & benefits from the Canadian government. Disability Credit Canada has successfully processed hundreds of disability tax credits claims for Canadians suffering from physical or mental disabilities.
We take care of the disability tax credit application process from beginning to end making sure all t2201 applications are done properly, we communicate with the CRA, the applicant doctors and build a strong case therefore achieve high success rate. Furthermore we help you maximize your credits and benefits making sure we leave no stone un-turned.
Disability Credit Canada offers a 100% free assessment where we discuss the person's disability, the effect it has on their lives and their income situation. We can be reached by a toll free number: 1-844-800-6020