Have a 10 minute no obligation, free assessment with one of our disability benefits specialists to determine your eligibility

We mail you relevant consent forms, you complete the forms and mail them back to us. Now RELAX! Sit back and let us do the rest.

We work with all relevant doctors & medical specialists to prepare your medical & tax application then submit your application to the CRA

The CRA reviews your case, we provide them with any additional information needed until they approve your application

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Canadians

10 reasons to Choose Disability Credit Canada to Help You with your Disability Tax Credit

There are a lot of services out there that will offer to help you with your Disability Tax Credit and CPP disability applications but none have the proven record of success, the commitment to their clients and the unblemished reputation for integrity and expertise of Disability Credit Canada.
Some companies are single minded in the pursuit of their own agenda. At Disability Credit Canada we’re relentless in our pursuit of yours. You’ll never have to worry about whether your application is properly filled out and filed, whether your doctor supplied the right information or whether your application will get stuck in bureaucratic limbo. With Disability Credit Canada on your side you stand better than a 90% chance of getting approved.

Some would-be advocates promise you the moon without bothering to learn much about your situation. That’s not us. We listen carefully to everything you have to say, weigh the evidence you present to us then provide you an honest, unbiased assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
We understand to our core that the pursuit of DTC benefits is not about us. It’s about you getting the financial assistance you need to help put your life back together. This knowledge drives and informs everything we do. If you need assistance with your DTC application Disability Credit Canada is here to help.
More than 90%% of our clients receive approval on the first try. We’re proud of that but it isn’t something that just magically happens. It’s the result of experience and hard work. If for some reason your initial application is rejected we re-dedicate ourselves to the goal and make sure it’s successful on appeal.
Doctors are busy folks. Sometimes filling out forms for disability claims is not at the top of their priority list. In other cases doctors unfamiliar with the process are reluctant to admit they’re not sure how to proceed. That’s when we discretely intervene and provide helpful tips to facilitate their cooperation.
Disability Credit Canada is unique in that most of our experts have long championed the cause of the disabled through social work and community outreach programs. We also have years of experience dealing with the CRA and in that time have established a network of good working relationships with the people there.
You can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of the entire DTC application process for you from start to finish. We’ll make sure all the relevant information is gathered and presented in the most effective manner, oversee your application as it winds its way through the CRA bureaucracy and be there to handle any bumps in the road.
Our advocacy for the disabled is not confined to our work on behalf of our DTC clients. We stay involved in disability rights at every level from the practical to the legislative, promoting the cause of the disabled, lobbying against restrictive amendments to legislation and raising awareness of the fight for disabled rights.
Once we receive notice your application has been approved we begin a methodical search for any additional benefits you may be entitled to. We’ll look at filing for retroactive benefits and credits as well as any other benefit plans your DTC acceptance may have made you eligible for.
As we stated earlier more than 90% of our clients are approved for DTC benefits. But even for those unfortunate few who have their applications turned down there’s no “losing” involved. That’s because if you don’t win, we don’t win. If your application and appeal are denied there’s no fee for you to pay and no reward for us.
When you work with Disability Credit Canada you’ll never feel left out of the process or be left wondering what’s going on with your application. We keep you informed at every stage and are always happy to take your calls and discuss the particulars of your case. Communication is not an ‘extra’ with us, it’s how we do business.