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Disability Credit Canada mission is to help disabled Canadians qualify for Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability Benefits and then maximize their tax refunds & credits. We’ve worked with thousands of Canadians suffering from mental and physical disabilities and we understand how impactful your condition can be on you and your family. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you can claim the tax benefits that are rightfully yours and we only get paid AFTER you receive your refunds, credits & benefits as we work on 100%




The Disability Tax Credit was created to help tax paying disabled Canadians & their families deal with financial hardships caused by their disability. Applying for the Disability Tax Credit can be done by anyone and it is free but many legitimately disabled Canadians get their application denied as they are not familiar with the process & requirements. We created Disability Credit Canada with a mission to help as many disabled Canadians and their families get the money they deserve. With OVER 90% SUCCESS RATE and hundreds of successful applications we know how to get your Disability Tax Credit approved and how to maximize your credits and benefits.

We are passionate about helping disabled Canadians and we know how to get you the money you are entitled to!

Disability Tax Credit Assessment
2017 Disability Tax Credit Guide


The CPP Disability is designed to provide a partial replacement of earnings in the event of disability. Every working Canadian is paying into the Canada Pension Plan throughout their working careers and when they are no longer able to work due to their physical or mental disability they apply for CPP Disability benefits thinking they will surely get it. Yet, too many Canadians get their CPP Disability application denied. Disability Credit Canada has extensive experience & knowledge dealing with doctors and government institutions so when we take on your case we will fight for you all the way.

Whether you were denied or not, we know how to get your CPP Disability application approved.

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The Canadian government understands that raising a child with a mental or physical disability is a daunting task for many reasons, but it is very hard to carry the financial burden of special doctors, educational programs, nutrition as well as time spent caring for your child. The child disability tax credit was created especially for that reason: to offset the cost of caring for a disabled child..

At Disability Credit Canada we understand how difficult life is when your child is not well and we know that qualifying for the child disability tax credit is essential to your family’s well being therefore we are 100% committed to a successful application as well as getting you the biggest refund possible.

Child Disability Tax Assesment


I came to disability credit Canada after I got denied by the CRA so I was very impressed when I got a call from Josh saying I was approved and actually got $10,916

We've helped hundreds of individuals from all across Canada receive Disability Tax Credits & CPP Disability.

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  • Over 90% Success Rate

    Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability is ALL we do and our high success rate is due to our unwavering commitment to our clients.
  • Unparalleled Experience

    We are disability experts & advocates & we specialize in disability credits & benefits.
  • NO win - NO Fee

    We are so confident that we can get your disability claim approved that we won’t get paid unless you do!!
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Meet The Team Dedicated To Your Success

We are a small company but we have a big heart. Our only focus since inception was and still is to help disabled Canadians and their families get approved for Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability. We’ve helped hundreds of families because we are passionate about what we do!

Joshua Pugen
Joshua PugenSr. Disability Benefits Specialist

Joshua Pugen

Sr. Disability Benefits Specialist

Josh has been helping disabled individuals and families achieve greater independence and self reliance for over ten years in various professional work environments as a consultant and a professional social worker. Joshua Pugen has worked at non profit organizations and as a contracted social worker on behalf of Ontario municipal institutions/health care service areas including Central West, Mississauga-Halton, Central and Central North and has developed expertise with the processing and applications of government processes such as CRA, ODSP, CPP, DTC and other related organizations. Additionally, he has worked as a pain management and accident benefit consultant for several companies in the private sector and developed an expertise in the field of chronic pain and psychological disabilities resulting from motor vehicle accidents. His professional experience includes working with 1000’s of Canadians from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He has received specialized hospital health care training from populations such as disabled children and elderly at Bloorview Rehab and Baycrest Geriatric Care. Joshua received a research award at YU for his work completed with elderly population using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Isaac Ohana
Isaac OhanaBusiness Development

Isaac Ohana

Business Development

Isaac has over 20 years of experience with business development and has a successful track record with a variety of businesses, helping them grow and expand significantly. Isaac is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual, able to motivate teams to perform at their best in providing excellent service and developing ongoing, profitable client relationships. An experienced supervisor and trainer; able to explain information clearly, recognize excellence in individuals, and inspire team members to achieve their potential while working toward common goals.
Rose Ford
Rose FordClient Support Representative

Rose Ford

Client Support Representative

Combined with a medical office administration diploma from George Brown College and her passion for helping people, Rose is an integral part of providing excellent customer service, ensuring all clients are treated with respect and care. Rose is known for her compassion and empathy in all the roles she`s been in, including volunteering with a long term care centre in north Toronto. Rose has worked as the office administrator at the Toronto location of a national charity, and received an award from the Metropolitan Toronto Police for administrative assistance during Black History Month.
Candy Teixeira
Candy TeixeiraClient Support Representative

Candy Teixeira

Client Support Representative

Candy is an professional, detail oriented and results-driven Customer Service Professional, who enjoys working with, and supporting people. With over 15 years' of experience working in a variety of different sectors, Candy has repeatedly shown her patience and commitment to helping people.A consummate professional, she stays updated with the Government rules and regulations of the Disability sector, ensuring that clients receive the most up-to-date information. Combined with her personable nature, it is one of the main reasons she is so trusted by clients.Candy is pleased to be joining the Disability Credit Canada team. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to advocate for those in need. She looks forward to discussing the various tax credits and benefits that you might be eligible for.
Laurie Wulfand
Laurie WulfandCustomer Support

Laurie Wulfand

Customer Support

Laurie Wulfand is a compassionate and driven Customer Service Representative with a great knack for connecting with clients. Her proven abilities to provide top-notch customer service have earned her a Winners’ Joy Award as recognition. Laurie’s golden rule is always putting clients first, which means she is flexible and willing to take on new responsibilities to help cases. Helping clients comes naturally to Laurie, as she has a deep passion for helping others. She has served as a volunteer coordinator for Meals on Wheels and is an active parent council member at a local school. Her kind soul and bright personality bring light into the lives of everyone she interacts with. In her spare time, Laurie is a cheerful fan who can be found in the stands,with her son during a Jays’ game
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh JainWeb & Marketing

Rishabh Jain

Web & Marketing

Rishabh Jain is the Digital Web & Marketing Manager at Disability Credit Canada, Inc. A graduate from Lambton College Toronto, Rishabh received a certificate in Mobile Application Development. He also has a Bachelor’s of Technology with specialization in Communication Engineering from Lovely Professional University, India. Rishabh has a passion for Digital Marketing. Before Joining Disability Credit Canada, He was intern at Big Data University at IBM Canada. The ability to help disabled Canadians is one of the main reasons of why he joined Disability Credit Canada. Rishabh enjoys playing both cricket and badminton. He is an avid fan of the Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors.

If you or a family member been struggling with a disability then we can get you the money you are entitled to.
We are very good at what we do and won’t charge you a single dollar unless we get you money from the government.

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