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Disability Tax Credit


Our experience & success with Disability Tax Credit is unparalleled. We know how to get you approved even if you were previously denied.

CPP Disability


The CPP Disability denial rate is very high but we can help where others failed. Make sure to call us today and ask for our help.


ABOUT USWelcome To Disability Credit Canada

Disability Credit Canada mission is to help disabled Canadians qualify for Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability Benefits and then maximize their tax refunds & credits.
We’ve worked with thousands of Canadians suffering from mental and physical disabilities and we understand how impactful your condition can be on you and your family.
We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you can claim the tax benefits that are rightfully yours and we only get paid AFTER you receive your refunds, credits & benefits as we work on 100%

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About Us



Marcus is a 13 year old boy from Etobicoke, ON diagnosed with severe ADHD & Learning disabilities as well as Depression & Anxiety.



Austin is a 6 years old boy from Plum Coulee, MB. Diagnosed with ADHD & DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder)



Nancy K. is a 67 years old woman from Windsor, NS suffering from a multitude of physical ailments such as cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia as well as COPD.



Connie is a 66 years old retired nurse from 150 Mile House, BC suffering from accumulative physical and mental impairments for nearly 20 years.


Our Process

  • Free Assessment

    Free Assessment

  •  Fill Out Relevant Forms

    Fill Out Relevant Forms

  • We Prepare Your Application

    We Prepare Your Application

  • We get your application approved

    We get your application approved

Our Services

Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit was created to help tax paying disabled Canadians & their families deal with financial hardships caused by their disability. Applying for the Disability Tax Credit can be done by anyone and it is free but many legitimately disabled Canadians get their application denied as they are not familiar with the process & requirements. We created Disability Credit Canada with a mission to help as many disabled Canadians and their families get the money they deserve. With OVER 90% SUCCESS RATE and hundreds of successful applications we know how to get your Disability Tax Credit approved and how to maximize your credits and benefits.

We are passionate about helping disabled Canadians and we know how to get you the money you are entitled to!


CPP Disability

The CPP Disability is designed to provide a partial replacement of earnings in the event of disability. Every working Canadian is paying into the Canada Pension Plan throughout their working careers and when they are no longer able to work due to their physical or mental disability they apply for CPP Disability benefits thinking they will surely get it. Yet, too many Canadians get their CPP Disability application denied. Disability Credit Canada has extensive experience & knowledge dealing with doctors & government institutions so when we take on your case we will fight for you all the way.

Whether you were denied or not, we know how to get your CPP Disability application approved.


Child Disability Tax Credit

The Canadian government understands that raising a child with a mental or physical disability is a daunting task for many reasons, but it is very hard to carry the financial burden of special doctors, educational programs, nutrition as well as time spent caring for your child. The child disability tax credit was created especially for that reason: to offset the cost of caring for a disabled child..

At Disability Credit Canada we understand how difficult life is when your child is not well and we know that qualifying for the child disability tax credit is essential to your family’s well being therefore we are 100% committed to a successful application as well as getting you the biggest refund possible.


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