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Michelle. Child DTCReceived $10,754
Barbara. CPP-DReceived $19,845
Tony & Mari. DTCReceived $16,332

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We’ve Helped Thousands of Canadians Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, Even If They Were Previously Denied. We Can Help You Too!


Over 65% of CPP Disability Applications Are Denied. Our No Win-No Fee Service Gives You the Best Chance for Approval. Call Us Today!




Our Expertise and Knowledge of the Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability is Unparalleled. Our Team of Medical Professionals and Social Workers Who Specialize in Disability Benefits Claims Has Helped Thousands of Canadians.

But What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies is Our Passion, the Unwavering Commitment, and Dedication to Our Clients.

If We Can’t Help You, No-one Can!

Joshua Pugen
Co-Founder & Sr. Disability Benefits Specialist

Isaac Ohana
Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

Laurie Wulfand
Client Services Manager

Dr. Mohamed Abdelaal
Disability Analyst

Rose Ford
Client Support Representative

Mudit Dubey
Marketing Manager

Michelle Johnson
Client Support Representative

Zainab Badmus
Client Support Representative

Sheba Mckenzie
Client Support Representative

Priyank Patel
Client Support Representative

Rachel Janis
Client Support Representative

Florin Panca
Client Support Representative

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Client Support Representative

OUR MISSION: Help Disabled Canadians Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and CPP Disability Benefits and Then Maximize Their Refunds & Credits.

We are extremely satisfied and happy for job well done. And very highly recommend them for anyone looking to apply for the disability tax credit.

Tony and Mari, ON. Received $16,332.3 Combined

The team at Disability Credit Canada are amazing and I would recommend them again and again. Thank you.

Michelle. Received $10,754.5

Disability Credit Canada is hands down the best. They never gave up even when I wanted to.

Leya, AB. Received $23,970.59

I am beyond thankful that services like this exist for people like me. Thank you to the moon and back, you have changed my life for the better.

Kayla, BC. Received $23,791.87

I am very thankful to both Ladies; the tax refund came at the right time.

Christiane. Received $13,441.91

We are very pleased with Disability Credit Canada. Big thank you to the team at Disability credit Canada from the Richard family.

Robin R, NB. Received $25,790.39

Our Process


We Offer a FREE, No-Obligation Assessment Where We Learn About Your Situation and Determine if We Can Help You


We Fill Out All Forms and Medical Documents and Go Through a Rigorous Process Before Submitting Them To the CRA or Service Canada


Throughout the Process, We Communicate with Medical Professionals, CRA & Service Canada to Ensure Your Case is Approved


Once Approved, We Go Through All Applicable Refunds & Benefits to Ensure We Maximize All Benefits & Refunds You Deserve.

Our services

Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit is a Federal Tax Credit Aimed at Helping Tax-Paying Disabled Canadians and Their Families Deal with Financial Hardships Caused By Their Impairments.

Anyone Can Apply for the Disability Tax Credit But a Large Percentage of Legitimately Disabled Canadians Get Their Applications Denied, Often Because They Are Not Familiar with the Process. the Requirements or Receive No Support From Their Doctor.

We Created Disability Credit Canada with One Mission: To Help Disabled Canadians and Their Families Get Qualified & Get the Money They Deserve. We Offer a NO WIN – NO FEE Service But We Also Offer Comprehensive, Free Information About the Disability Tax Credit for Anyone Who Wants to Do it Themselves.

We Invite You To Read Our Guides & Educate Yourself About The Disability Tax Credit.

CPP Disability

Every Working Canadian Pays a Percentage of Their Earnings Into the Canada Pension Plan So That They Can Be Supported When They’re Retired.

But, If They Are Under 65, Got Injured Or Impaired, and No Longer Able to Work They Can Apply for the CPP Disability and Receive Monthly Income Until They Retire.

However, Over 65% Of CPP Disability Applications Get Denied Due to a Lack of Understanding or Support Which Means That Thousands Of Canadians Are Not Receiving The “Insurance Money” They Paid For.

We Wrote a Comprehensive Guide to Help Canadians Apply for the CPP Disability and Provide Detailed Information In Case Your Application Was Denied.

We Invite You To Read Our Guides & Educate Yourself About The CPP Disability Application & Denial Processes.

WSIB Claims & Appeals

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is an “insurance program” the employer pays into and it is meant to help and support employees who were injured on the job or have a disease related to the work they perform.

The problem starts when you apply to receive support and money from the WSIB just to find out it is not as simple as they make it to be.

Disability Credit Canada is here to help you navigate the WSIB process. Once we start working on your WSIB claim we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the biggest payment possible.

Child Disability
Tax Credit

We Know That Caring for an Impaired Child is Difficult in so Many Ways: Emotionally, Physically and Financially.

The Child Disability Tax Credit Was Created to Help Families With Impaired Children By Offsetting Their Ongoing Expenses Such as Medical Bills, Medications, Special Education Programs and More.

However, Getting Your Child Approved for the Disability Tax Credit is Not Easy & Many Families Are Left Behind.

That’s Why We Wrote our Comprehensive Child Disability Tax Credit Guide in an Effort to Help You Learn and Understand How to Get Approved.

We Invite You To Read Our Guides & Educate Yourself About The Child Disability Tax Credit Application Processes.

How Much Are You Eligible To Receive?

You can use our Disability Tax Credit Calculator to find how much you can receive in retroactive credits and benefits if found eligible.

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