We’ve compiled resources & information to assist disabled Canadians with the Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability.

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ADHD Quiz & Self Assessment

If you feel your child is showing substantial signs of ADHD, use this quiz as anecdotal evidence, and investigate further.

Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities

Helping young disabled Canadians achieve their goals in higher education.

Disability Tax Credit Calculator

Calculate how much money you will receive if found eligible for the Disability Tax Credit with our easy to use Disability Tax Credit calculator.

Disability Organizations

We can help with your Disability Tax Credit and CPP Disability applications but the following organizations help Canadians with all disability related issues.

Mental Health Professionals

Find Canadian mental health professionals to help with ADD/ADHD, anxiety or other mental impairments.

Special Needs Schools & Tutors

Find specialized schools, tutors and other Canadian organizations focused on helping kids with special needs, ADHD, Autism & more.

Equipment Manufacturers

Find equipment manufacturers providing disabled Canadians with tools, software and other resources to help with their impairments.

Mobile Apps & Technology

Find mobile apps and technologies designed to help those with a disability or impairment better manage everyday tasks & routines.

How Much Are You Eligible To Receive?

You can use our Disability Tax Credit Calculator to find how much you can receive in retroactive credits and benefits if found eligible.

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