Our Story

We Are Passionate About Helping Disabled Canadians. Meet the Team Committed to Getting You the Disability Benefits You Deserve

Our Mission

Help disabled Canadians & their families qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and CPP Disability benefits and then maximize their refunds & credits.

At Disability Credit Canada, we understand how important disability credits and benefits are to Canadian families as so many of you face insurmountable financial difficulties due to unfortunate circumstances.

We’ve worked with thousands of Canadians suffering from mental and physical disabilities and we understand how impactful your conditions & impairments can be on you and your family.

Our staff’s experience with medical assessments and case formulations coupled with our in-depth understanding of the Disability Tax Credit & CPP Disability process gives us a unique advantage.

More so, each and every member of our team brings compassion, dedication, and empathy that is needed to make the complex process easy and attainable.

Disability Credit Canada will help you get the most out of your Disability Tax Credit, CPP Disability, and Long term disability application whether you are applying for your child, your spouse or yourself.

With over 90% success rate we can safely say: “If we can’t get you approved, no one can!”


Joshua Pugen

Senior Disability Benefits Specialist

Josh is passionate about helping disabled individuals & their families. He holds a social worker degree from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work and is a member of the Ontario Association of social workers.
Since 2008 Josh’s work and expertise have been focused on medical assessments and case formulations, helping disabled Canadians and their families apply for government disability applications such as Disability Tax Credit, CPP Disability, ODSP, and more.
Additionally, Josh has worked extensively as a pain management and accident benefit consultant and developed an expertise in the field of chronic pain and psychological disabilities resulting from motor vehicle accidents.
Josh received specialized hospital health care training for disabled children and elderly at Bloorview Rehab and Baycrest Geriatric Care and is the recipient of the YU research award for his work with the elderly population using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Josh is a proud father of 3 and loves biking on the weekends.

Isaac Ohana

Director of Business Development

Isaac has over twenty years of experience with business development and has a successful track record with a variety of businesses, helping them grow and expand significantly. Isaac is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual, able to motivate teams to perform at their best in providing excellent service and developing ongoing, profitable client relationships. An experienced supervisor and trainer; able to explain information clearly, recognize excellence in individuals, and inspire team members to achieve their potential while working toward common goals.

Laurie Wulfand

Client Support Representative

Laurie’s experience with customer service and support has started early in life working in her family’s retail business. Since then she’s held numerous positions in the retail and service industries and is the recipient of the Winners’ Joy Award for best customer service.
Laurie’s extensive knowledge of the Disability Tax Credit application process coupled with her compassionate and driven client support makes her a great advocate for disabled Canadians.
Laurie has served for many years as a volunteer coordinator for Meals on Wheels and other organizations.
Laurie’s other passions are her son and the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Rose Ford

Client Support Representative

Rose holds a medical office administration diploma from George Brown College and has decades of client support experience with several private, public & charity organizations.
Her passion for helping people is infectious, always ensuring clients are treated with respect and care. She is known for her compassion and empathy in all the roles she’s held, including volunteering with a long-term care centre in north Toronto.
Rose is the recipient of the Metropolitan Toronto Police for administrative assistance during Black History Month.

Mudit Dubey

Marketing Manager

Mudit brings his passion for digital marketing and brand development to our team.
He has an MBA in Marketing from the University of West London, UK, and over 10 years of experience developing global brands using multiple digital media channels such as SEO, social media, SEM, and more.
His desire to help disabled Canadians is one of the main reasons why he joined Disability Credit Canada.
In his free time, Mudit enjoys traveling, trekking, and wildlife photography.

Michelle Johnson

Client Support Representative

Michelle has a passion for helping people in the community and advocates for people with disabilities, especially those with hearing difficulties.
She was featured in the 2016 National Campaign for Better Hearing Video, entitled “Test your ears at 60 years”.
Michelle brings years of client service experience, which began in the food industry and expanded to include the Health Care field.
She believes in demonstrating kindness, compassion, and empathy.
In her free time, Michelle enjoys theatre arts, singing and travelling.

Zainab Badmus

Client Support Representative

Zainab is passionate about working with diverse communities and underrepresented groups. She graduated with honors with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology. She has years of experience with client support and as a program coordinator. Driven by her compassionate nature and enthusiasm for improving accessibility in her community, Zainab makes a great advocate for disabled individuals. In her free time, Zainab enjoys taking walks in nature and exploring the city.

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