Announcing the 2023 Winner of the DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities

August 25, 2023 by dccinc

Disability Credit Canada is aware that obtaining a college degree is essential for gaining access to opportunities. However, obtaining a post-secondary education can present further difficulties for the millions of Canadians who live with a disability. Since we are aware of how challenging the educational system may be, we want to give Canadian students with disabilities every opportunity to continue on their academic paths. That is why, in 2019, we introduced the Disability Credit Canada Scholarship, which will provide $1,000 to one high school senior student planning to pursue post-secondary education at a recognized Canadian institution to help them succeed academically.

We additionally offer resources for obtaining the Disability Tax Credit and the Child Disability Tax Credit, as well as other relevant resources, to assist parents of these students in alleviating their financial burden.

DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities Recipient for 2023

Continuing our tradition, We are pleased to announce Alexis Stanbrook-McIntyre as the recipient of the 2023 DCCI Award for Canadian Students with Disabilities. Alexis, a recent high school graduate from Whitby, Ontario, is about to begin her postsecondary academic journey at Brook University in forensic psychology.



Despite her Cerebral Palsy, which causes chronic pain and limited motor skills on the left side of her body, Alexis is a fighter. The condition has had a huge impact on her life, affecting her education, social interactions, and self-confidence.

Alexis initially wanted to be a veterinary surgeon, but she saw that her disability would prevent her from pursuing a career that required fine motor skills and extended durations of standing. This acceptance allowed her to develop a new passion, one that matched her physical and mental abilities while still benefiting her fellow Canadians.

We spoke with Alexis in order to learn more about her inspiring story and how she dealt with the difficulties of living with cerebral palsy. We also talked about her hopes for a future that looks both bright and fulfilling. Here is how she sees things:

1) How did you hear about our Scholarship?

My mother, who has been a huge help in determining what I need both physically and financially to manage my condition, told me about it. She has assisted in looking for as many scholarships as she can, particularly with regard to school. I received the link from her.

2) Please tell us about your impairments and some of the challenges you face because of them.

I am fortunate that my cerebral palsy is not as bad as it is in other individuals. But I still have a lot of physical difficulties. For instance, because I have cerebral palsy of the left hemiplegia kind, I walk with an uneven gait and a limp in my left leg. Along with discomfort from muscle tension, my right hand’s fine motor abilities are also limited, and my left eye’s vision is also affected. These make it harder for me to read some typefaces and slow down my typing and writing speed when I’m taking notes or writing something down

3) What will you study at school and what are your long-term career goals?

With a minor in German, I’ll be studying criminal justice and forensic psychology. In order to either work as a behavioral profiler or a professor in the subject, I intend to earn a Master’s and then a Ph.D. in forensic psychology or psychology in general. I adore research, so I hope to work as an international forensic psychology professor in Europe someday. I have a complete, detailed ten-year plan for how I want my academic and professional lives to pan out.

4) How does having this impairment make pursuing a post-secondary education more challenging? Please tell us about the unique challenges you may be facing.

My energy is frequently depleted by the exhaustion I feel from exerting myself while moving from place to place, making it necessary for me to lay down or take a nap before I can do my task to the best of my ability. Additionally, I have poor vision in my left eye, which causes headaches and distractions occasionally. My leg and arm muscles are also sore, which adds to the discomfort. I am a good student and receive insanely high grades, as I finished high school with a 96% average. My condition causes my work to not be completed at such a timely manner since I need to teach myself things and rely on recordings and my energy level more than anything else.

5) How does it feel to have been the recipient of this award?

It’s an amazing feeling. I’m aware of the tremendous effort individuals with disabilities put in to navigate modern society without attracting unwanted attention. I believe every applicant gave their utmost in their applications. So, receiving this scholarship is truly significant. I’ve put in everything I can to thrive, and this scholarship validates my dedication and hard work.

6) How will this scholarship help you, moving forward?

Moving forward, this scholarship will help immensely. As I plan on attending graduate school after undergrad, any help I can get means the world to me because it just helps the money I have saved go even further. It will cut costs by a fair bit, which is perfect. I appreciate any and all help I have received.

7) Is there a message you’d like to convey to future applicants?

Never let your disability govern your life. If you want to do it, you can do it. I’m proud of every single other person who has a disability because it is an uphill battle and you are winning. Be proud of yourself and reach for the stars, guys.


Congratulations, Alexis!

At Disability Credit Canada, we believe that Alexis, armed with her bravery and persistent determination, is on a path toward a promising and satisfying future in the field of forensic psychology! Furthermore, we’d like to extend our gratitude to all the individuals who submitted their applications for the scholarship intended for Canadian students with disabilities in the approaching academic year of 2023.

To all the students who are embarking on their journey of higher education, we send our heartfelt wishes for a secure, optimistic, and fruitful year of learning ahead.

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