July 10, 2018 by dccinc

We at Disability Credit Canada always look for opportunities to help and assist Disabled Canadians. We are happy to announce that Brampton has opened its first fully accessible park and splash pad for Disabled Canadians.

Brampton, one of the cities in Ontario recently announced to the public about the fully accessible park which is open and is located in Brampton’s northwest end, at the corner of Creditview Road and Sandalwood Parkway. This park was originally constructed from 2004 – 2005, with phased construction since then to accommodate additional facilities.

This park is one of its kind with more than 100-acre size and it will be the first park in Brampton with fully compliant with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA). The entire park is fully accessible for people with disability. For more information

Accessibilities in the Creditview Activity Hub

The Creditview Activity Hub is approximately 85,000 square feet in size. This park is themed with a water-cycle idea, colour-coordinated with educational signs.

This park includes

  1. Basketball Court
  2. Bounce wall
  3. 4-square and hopscotch
  4. Swings for all ages and abilities
  5. Junior/Senior climbers
  6. slides
  7. sand tables
  8. sway ship (also wheelchair accessible).

It consists of shade shelters and umbrellas, accessible benches and picnic tables, seat walls, and fully accessible surfacing. It also has a fully accessible splash pad with an option to customize water or spray elements fabricated and airbrushed to follow the water-cycle theme.

This Creditview Activity Hub does not have sand but it has artificial turf, concrete asphalt and rubberized play area which makes it easier for disabled Canadians to navigate from one place to another.

Another Nearby  Accessible Park

We are also amused to let you know that there is another fully accessible park in Aurora which was opened in September 2017. This park has a mix of active and leisure features which includes playground featuring equipment which are suitable for children of any ability, with a rubberized surface, sandbox, fountain feature, sensory garden and meditation area. This was the first fully accessible park in Aurora. To know more information about this park, visit here.

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