A Complete Profile of Disabilities in Canada

According to the latest statistics around 13.7% of Canadian's are living with a disability. In the infographic below, we take a detailed look at Disability Statistics in Canada.
June 30, 2017 by dccinc

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Did you know, around 13.7% of Canadian’s are currently living with  a disability? In the infographic below, we take a detailed look at Disability Statistics in Canada. From what the major types of disabilities are in Canada to the problems in wage gap faced by disabled Canadian’s, we cover all aspects, including the Disability Tax Credit Program.

Disability Statistics in Canada

Disability Statistics in Canada

1 in 10 working age Canadian reported having a disability

Disabilities aren’t always so obvious:

  • 10 disability types identified in latest Canadian survey on disability study are:
    seeing, hearing, mobility, flexibility, dexterity, pain, learning, developmental, mental/psychological, and memory
  • Learning disability association of Canada  estimates 1 in 10 Canadians has a learning disability

Education gap:

  •  adults with disabilities were only about half as likely to get their university-level degrees as adults without disabilities (Canadian Human Rights Commission) – 20.2% compared to 40.7%

Wage Gap:

  • adults with disabilities have lower median household income:
  • 2012 CRHC report – disabled men (15-64 age group) earn $9557 less than adult males in same age group who don’t have disabilities. Women (15-64 age group) earn $8853 less.

Hiring Bias:

  • 48% of all respondents surveyed say they believe candidates could be more likely to climb the corporate ladder if they kept their disability a secret.


  • unemployment rate for people with disabilities – 8.6% vs. Canadian average of 6.3%
  • 8.5% more men with disabilities are settling for part time work b/c they cannot find full time work compared to adult men without disabilities who are working part time.
  • 6.5% for woman

Companies not hiring disabled:

  • 3 in 10 small business owners hired people with disabilities in 2013.
  • 69% of small businesses have never hired a person with a visible or invisible disability.

Problem with inclusion:

  • only 10% of Canadians with disabilities are fully included in a society

Daily Assistance

  • More than 1.4 million working age adults (15-64 ages) reported needing help with everyday physical activities.

Many Canadians can’t read:

  • Canadian National Institute for the blind estimated in 2011 – more than 3 million Canadian’s have a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to read conventional print.
  • Persons living with disabilities
  • People living with disabilities (both mental and physical) are twice as likely to live below the poverty line.
  • Nearly 15% of people with disabilities live in poverty, 59% of which are women.


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