October Declared as Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 12, 2018 by dccinc

Employment is the right of every individual in the society. More jobs leads to more employment opportunities but is the society putting forward a helping hand towards disabled people who are looking for jobs and not getting employed?
Government of Saskatchewan and Alberta has taken an initiative and designated October as Disability Employment Awareness Month. Disabled people will be offered more jobs during this month as this month will promote individual, societal and economic benefits of diversification of workforce.

Reducing barriers to employment

Employers must know the benefits of a diverse workforce and the skills every individual can enhance which in turn will contribute to drive the company towards excellence.

“We all benefit from an inclusive, accessible and welcoming province where everyone can realize their full potential and contribute their strengths to growing Saskatchewan,”said Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison.

Disability Employment Awareness Month
Saskatchewan Disability Strategy was released in 2015 after extensive research involving disabled people, the government, support professionals, the stakeholders and service providers which was focused mainly to reduce barriers to employment and to promote inclusion through a sound disability strategy.

As part of the Disability Employment Awareness Month the provincial government of Alberta has committed $150,000 towards Inclusion Alberta Initiatives.This initiative will create more jobs for disabled individuals and spaces in the Inclusive Post-Secondary Education program.This funding will also help in partnering with the Rotary Club which is growing tremendously.

“A good job can give purpose to life, expand your social networks and enhance your financial security. Everyone who wants to work deserves a chance to earn an income and make a contribution to their community.” said Trish Bowman, CEO of Inclusion Alberta.

Once a company realizes that hiring disabled people has contributed to their profitability more companies will put their step forward in this initiative which will in turn increase customer and employee loyalty and innovation will be sparked by the evolving ideas and mindsets.

To know more about the initiative towards employment read here.

Diversity in workforce is the key to success

Every workforce must practice hiring disabled people as sometimes different ideas from various individuals contribute to the success.If a person is disabled it doesn’t mean they lack knowledge , a little contribution of this knowledge in the workforce can drive excellence. Inclusion in workforce can give a sense of belonging to disabled people who desire to be a part of the corporate world and contribute their knowledge to lead the path to success.October should not be the only month promoting awareness of Disability Employment , every month should be dedicated towards promoting rights to disability employment.

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