Disability Tax Credit Advocate Families With Autistic Children

February 19, 2019 by dccinc


The Ontario government’s new autism policies have serious impact on families with children with autism and the regression that can probably happen in these children lives is heartbreaking. Disability Credit Canada advocates for disable Canadians to help them get approved for disability tax credit for autism. We are committed to help families and this news of family separation because of government’s new autism policy, shatter us.

Raquel Turner, mother of two autism kids Gabriel-8 and Michael-6 seems upset after ford government announces new plan for autism program and gets emotional while describing some changes in her children with autism therapy and was concerned about the impact these changes will have on her family.

“Just two years ago, their mother explains, both boys were nonverbal. Since beginning Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI), Michael has become “completely verbal” and Gabriel “is just starting to build sentences.” Most importantly, Gabriel and Michael are acting like brothers for the first time. For their mother, that is a beautiful thing to watch.”

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Overhaul of Autism funding is a real turn in Turners life and shredding their hope for better future for children into pieces. The hope they have received after beginning Intensive Behavioral Intervention. Mother told that the annual cost for this therapy is $8800 per month and according to government’s new plan they must pay $8,000 from their pocket which is not affordable for them and they have to consider some impossible options such as Separation, selling their house, remortgaging and even using their life savings for their children’s betterment.

“He’s come so far and to think that he would be put back into a school come April and not have the supports he needs,” she said. “The regression that could happen and probably will happen is heartbreaking because he’s come so far and I think of how far he could come with the supports if he had them.” Said Children’s Therapist Garveys.

Disability Credit Canada feels for the couple and hope this reviving policy do not break a happy family bond and continue the help they were getting for their children’s better future. We feel happy to help disabled Canadians to get most out of their Disability Tax Credits. We are dedicated to keep life going on for you and your loved ones without difficulties.

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