Disability Tax Credit: A Good News for Disabled and Their Kids

September 21, 2015 by dccinc

In recent years the number of young people attending university who have serious mental health issues has increased dramatically. A 2010 survey of counseling centers at American universities showed a nearly 3 fold increase since the early 1990s and the situation is thought to be similar in Canada. Thankfully a new tool is soon coming online that may help alleviate the stress many of these students feel as they go through the process of acclimating to their new surroundings. An article on cbc.com explains:

Young people entering college or university with mental health issues will soon be able to use an online tool created by a researcher at Cambrian College. While mental health support currently exists for young people, there’s currently nothing in place for students entering post-secondary school, who are often dealing with the burden of being away from family for the first time while away for school. Holmes said the free tool that aims to help students familiarize themselves on how to get help while at college or university will be available beginning next March.

While it’s certainly good news that students with mental health issues will have more coping tools at their disposal the article nonetheless begs the question: Where are all these young people with serious mental health issues coming from?

Some speculate the situation is actually homegrown on the university campus where students, under enormous pressure to perform, find themselves indulging in stimulants both legal and illegal to get through exams as well binging on alcohol and drugs to relieve tension. But there’s another factor at work that isn’t quite so obvious.

Scientists and researchers have long known that there’s a hereditary component to depression. As many as 40% of young people with depression report having at least 1 parent who also suffers from this debilitating malady. And since depression is reported to be the most common serious mental health issue reported by students, the question “where are they coming from” may not be such a mystery after all.

Due to the circumstances of their upbringing these students arrive on campus in many cases lacking coping mechanisms most people develop naturally and, as the cbc article states:

They’re facing everything the other students are, which are the notion of how difficult is it going to be.” she said. “How big is the campus? Will I make friends? Will I get along with my professors? Will I be able to stay on top of the course load?

The Disability Tax Credit: Helping Create Stronger Families

When a parent suffers from depression there is no way for the children to escape that reality. The best case scenario is that the affected parent seeks proper care and treatment and is committed to seeing such treatment through. But even in a best case those afflicted with depression, especially severe depression, often find it difficult to maintain a career and at the same time cover a slew of related health expenses. Without help this situation can put enormous financial strain on a family making an already bad situation even worse. Children often bear the brunt of such situations and when they go to university, take their frustration and confusion with them.

The Disability Tax Credit was created to help those suffering depression and other conditions mitigate the financial strain their disability imposes on their life and, by extension, the lives of their loved ones. Qualified individuals can claim up to $40,000 in annual benefits and also claim them retroactively for up to 10 years.

Allow Disability Credit Canada to Help You get Back on Track

Disability Credit Canada is one of the country’s premier advocates for the disabled when it comes to securing them maximum benefits under this vital government program. By helping you put your financial house back in order the Disability Tax Credit can also help reduce the amount of stress and strain on your family members and free up much needed funds to help pay for things like college tuition.

If you or someone in your family suffers from depression and would like to learn more about the Disability Tax Credit call us today at 1-855-765-4458. Dealing with depression and other serious mental health issues is difficult for the entire family. Let us help you and your family find a way back into the light.

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