Disability Tax Credit Lessen The Financial Burden of ASD

November 21, 2015 by dccinc

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or simply, autism, has had virtually no life as a political issue. Politicians from all major parties have been content to let the folks at the Canada Revenue Agency deal with it through programs like the Disability Tax Credit. But with new data from a variety of sources indicating that ASD may be far more widespread than previously believed the issue is finally migrating from what seemed like a permanent place on the back burner toward the front of the political stove. Kathleen O’Grady over at medium.com picks up the story:

… according to science journalist, Steve Silberman in his new book, Neurotribes, autism is now one of the largest special interest groups in the world. We have clout, in other words. Unfortunately, we rarely come together to flex our collective political potential.

Recent revisions to the number of Canadians believed to have some form of ASD point to that figure being somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million. Were they ever to band together for the purposes of lobbying the government they would constitute a formidable force indeed, though as of yet that hasn’t happened. O’Grady points to a possible reason why people with ASD have remained largely in the political background up to now:

Part of the reason may be there is no shortage of debate within our autism communities on where valuable public resources for autism services should be spent…. But there’s certainly something almost all autism families can agree on, and which a recent needs assessment survey of autism caretakers and professionals across the country found: Canadian autism families are struggling to get the critical services they need but can’t afford.

With that need for critical services creating a possible rallying point for ASD sufferers and their families the gloves may finally come off in what had become a somewhat hidebound debate within the government over its responsibilities toward its disabled citizens. In the meantime many whose lives have been upended by ASD will need to deal with the financial struggles referred to in O’Grady’s article.

With some advocacy groups claiming Autism can cost a typical family up to $60,000 per year it’s no wonder so many have sought refuge under the umbrella of the Disability Tax Credit. There’s also little doubt more will soon be forced to join them. That’s because individuals with ASD and/or their families face not only the stifling financial burden of doctors, hospitals, therapists and pharmacists, they’re also likely to have a lower average income than non-ASD families. Significantly lower, according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics. That study found that women with autistic children earned on average 56% less than women whose children were disability free. Learn more about child disability benefits.

The Disability Tax Credit is the Disability Lifeline

The Disability Tax Credit was conceived as a way to provide relief to those who’ve been overwhelmed by medical expenses associated with their or their family member’s disability. For many in such circumstances it represents the only concrete assistance they’ll ever receive and without it they’d be forced to make choices that would seem unfathomable to most reasonable people.

Scores of disabled citizens have sought our help to secure the benefits they’re entitled to under the Disability Tax Credit. We’re Disability Credit Canada and we’re proud of the work we’ve done on their behalf. But there are still countless others out there who have either been wrongly denied their due or given up trying to figure out the Disability Tax Credit’s often bewildering application and approval process.

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