Marcus: ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Depression & Anxiety

Marcus suffers from ADHD, Learning Disability, Depression & Anxiety.
Previously denied by CRA!
Approved for DTC and received $12,383.64
January 26, 2019 by dccinc

Marcus is a 13 year old boy from Etobicoke, ON diagnosed with severe ADHD & Learning disabilities as well as Depression & Anxiety.
Marcus was having a very difficult time at school due to his learning disabilities and felt he was discriminated against to a point where he stopped attending school and was receiving home visits from a special social worker to monitor his situation.
Most alarming was the “suicidal ideation” Marcus was experiencing and the family was extremely concerned, spending a significant amount of time and money on various support programs trying to contain the situation.
Prior to working with Disability Credit Canada, Marcus’ parents applied for a disability tax credit on their own and were denied even though they had a very supportive pediatrician who did their best to help them.
When Disability Credit Canada took over Marcus’ case we thought this was a “no brainer” and after formulating the case we submitted a new Disability Tax Credit application to the CRA. The CRA replied to our application with a questionnaire they sent to the physician. We then dug deeper into Marcus’ case, requested additional documents from the family doctor, specialists, school and parents, we interviewed the parents regarding Marcus’ ongoing challenges, and together with the doctor we were able to reply to the CRA, explaining the issues Marcus was having in a detailed manner.

Marcus was finally found eligible for the DTC for the years 2014-2021 and his family received a total of $12,383.64 in retroactive credits and benefits.

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