CPP Disability Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? we've got the answers. Here are the most common questions regarding CPP DIsability
May 12, 2016 by dccinc

This section details answers to some frequently asked questions about CPP Disability. Consult the full CPPD guide for a comprehensive look at the CPP Disability Program as a whole.

What is CPP Disability?

CPP Disability Benefits is financial assistance for contributors to the CPP who have found themselves no longer able to work due to personal illness or severe injury. It is paid to the individual until they reach the age of 65.

How Long Does it Usually Take to get my CPP Disability Application Approved?

A decision on your eligibility will usually take between 90-120 days to come back to you. At which point you will either start receiving payments soon or be given the opportunity to ask for reconsideration and begin an appeal.

How do I receive my CPP Disability Payments?

You’ll receive your CPP Disability Benefit payments by mailed cheque, or by direct deposit if you filled out the appropriate section in the application.

When does my CPP Disability Monthly Payment come?

The Canadian Government releases a benefit payment schedule at the start of each year. However, the general rule is that you receive monthly payments during the last week of every month. 

Can You Receive CPP Disability Benefits if You Never Worked?

CPP disability benefits are not available for those who have never contributed to the system.

Do I File Taxes if I Receive Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits?

Yes. Receiving CPP Disability benefits does not excuse one from having to file an annual tax return. The payments you receive from the CPP are considered taxable income.

When do CPP Disability Benefits Expire?

CPP disability benefits last for the duration of the disability or until you turn 65 (CPP pension starts), although it is subject to periodic review. The frequency of those reviews will depend on how your disability is classified. As often as every 6 months if your disability has an expected recovery period such as in auto accidents and as long as every 3 years for chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Can You Work While Collecting CPP Disability Benefits?

While receiving CPP Disability Benefits you may do volunteer work, return to school to enhance your education or complete your degree and participate in job-retraining courses. You may also do a limited amount of paid work without having to notify Service Canada. 

How much can I earn while on CPP Disability?

For 2018 you are allowed to earn up to $5,500 annually. If you earn more than this amount (before taxes) you will need to notify Service Canada and your benefit status will likely be reviewed. This amount may change in the future, based on economic conditions like inflation.

How do I Apply for CPP Disability if I Have a Terminal Illness?

If your condition is terminal, you will need to complete a Terminal Illness Application Kit. This will contain special forms that you and your doctor will need to fill. These types of applications are expedited and should receive a reply within 5 business days.

Can I still receive CPP Disability if I Worked Overseas?

If you lived and working outside of Canada any contributions you made to a foreign retirement plan may allow you to qualify for CPP disability benefits. You can find Information about which countries these are here.

Can I still apply for CPP Disability if I was in a coma?

If you were unable to apply for CPP Disability benefits due to being physically or mentally incapacitated you may still qualify for CPP Disability benefits if you request the incapacity provision within a year of regaining capacity.

How does divorce affect my CPP Disability Benefits?

CPP eligibility rules allow for a splitting of CPP Disability credits accumulated by both partners during the time they were together. That means the person with the greater accumulated CPP credits must transfer some of their credits to their former partner in order to ‘equalize’ the credit for each partner during the time they were married.

Can I Receive More Than One CPP Benefit?

It is possible that you may qualify for both the CPP survivor’s benefit and the CPP disability benefit. If such is the case both payments will be combined into a single monthly payment. Keep in mind though that the combined amount cannot be more than the maximum CPP disability benefit.

Can I Also Receive Disability Income From Another Source?

It is likely you will still be eligible for CPP benefits even if you are receiving benefits from a private source such as a Long term disability insurance company. It is likely that the private source will adjust their payment to you downward once you start receiving CPP benefits.



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