Vital Relief to Adults With ADHD by Disability Tax Credit

November 14, 2015 by dccinc


A recent article on the website seeks to dispel the growing number of myths attaching themselves to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These myths are particularly harmful in that ADHD sufferers have only recently begun to gain recognition for their disorder and benefit from government support programs like the Disability Tax Credit. The article does a good job of articulating both the experience of ADHD and the uphill battle of many sufferers in the face of these destructive myths.

People who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) find life a little more challenging than those who don’t. Most of us procrastinate big projects or lose interest in accomplishing difficult tasks at times, but people living with ADHD experience these things on a whole other level. While ADHD patients may want to focus, they’re unable to; disorganization and impulsivity permeate almost every moment of their lives.

Perhaps what makes it even more difficult to live with ADHD is the amount of misinformation and negative stereotypes that surround the diagnosis. ADHD patients are often written off as over-diagnosed, undisciplined, or simply lazy. The list below examines some of these myths:

The list referred to then lays out nearly a dozen popular myths currently circulating including the “You’re just imagining it” myth, the “She’ll outgrow it” myth and the “Only kids have it” myth. The “kids only” myth is especially disconcerting to adults with the disorder, many of whom have finally figured out what has been going on with them their whole lives are now being mocked or having their condition dismissed.

Adults with ADHD often wind up in dead end jobs or unemployed because they are unable to focus properly on complex tasks. They often have trouble maintaining relationships as well because their partners don’t understand their inability to be completely present in the relationship. If left undiagnosed it is common for these individuals to wind up isolated, frustrated and alienated from a society that admonishes them to “grow up”. Those that do get properly diagnosed have many of the same issues, though due to various types of drug and non-drug therapies are able to engage in more satisfying work.

Yet whether diagnosed or undiagnosed the plight of adults with ADHD is often ignored by society at large even in the face of recent studies which show the staggering cost of the disorder both to the world’s largest economies and to individuals as well. For example, ADHD is estimated to cost the US economy up to $52 billion a year. And in Canada the cost of ADHD medication alone for a single person in a single year is estimated at nearly $9,000. These are disturbing numbers and highlight the need for the Disability Tax Credit for individuals and families impacted by the disorder.

The Disability Tax Credit Mitigates the Real Cost of a Very Real Disability

The Disability Tax Credit exists to help individuals and families affected by ADHD overcome the financial strain of dealing with their ever-increasing healthcare costs. Few government programs of recent times can be said to be as effective as the Disability Tax Credit in helping individuals and families transcend the tsunami of health-related expenses and stay healthy and productive members of society. If you qualify for this ground-breaking program you may be eligible for up to $40,000 in annual benefits. You may also be eligible to claim up to 10 years of additional benefits retroactively.

Ironically, the very nature of ADHD predisposes it’s sufferers to being ill-equipped to slog their way through the tedious and labyrinthian application and approval process. In such cases someone must come forward and advocate on behalf of these individuals and their families.

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