Disability Tax Credit Helps People With ADHD to Lead Normal Lives

October 25, 2015 by dccinc

ADHD research is a hot topic of discussion in medical circles these days with the number of purported cases exploding and medical science at a loss to explain why. Any time the hard science in a particular field seems incomplete or inconclusive you can be sure there will be plenty of snake oil salesmen willing to fill the factual void with authoritative sounding arguments supporting various specious claims, and ADHD is not immune to the phenomenon.

In a recent article in the santafenewmexican.com one John Rosemond, a self proclaimed ADHD expert, argues that ADHD is primarily the result of dietary factors and not an actual “disease”. Though he offers no direct evidence to support his assertions (other than vague references to unspecified research) he claims authorship of an alternative “… treatment plan involving a combination of strategic discipline, restricting electronic media and diet. The plain truth is that on numerous occasions, we have seen ADHD symptoms completely disappear without medication.”

That’s quite a claim that Rosemund does not back up with actual case studies. Instead he attempts to bolster his position by citing a 2012 paper by pediatricians Gordon Millichap and Michelle Yee entitled “The Diet Factor in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” wherein results seemed to indicate “that nutrition plays a significant role, for better or worse, in how a child’s brain works and that a proper diet (as opposed to the common refined-carbohydrate-saturated American childhood diet) helps children maintain focus and self-control and optimize academic performance.”

What Rosemund doesn’t mention of course is that in the notes to their study Millichap and Yee (two actual scientists) offer this word of caution:

The present study has several limitations. As this was a case-control study, it is possible that dietary intake was affected by an individual’s health status and social background. Thus, causal inference cannot be determined.

In other words, there may be a link, or there may not be. The findings are interesting enough that they certainly warrant further study but it’s simply too early in the research process to be making bold claims that could get people’s hopes up for no reason.

The Disability Tax Credit Helps Families in Real and Important Ways

Scientific progress is sometimes painfully slow, it’s true, and the desire to provide solutions for loved ones suffering from chronic medical conditions is understandable. However, abandoning proven therapies for the unproven promise of miraculous cures can more often than not lead to complications, further damage to the patient and heartbreak for their families.

None of that diminishes the fact that the period between when a disease or disorder is discovered and when effective treatments or even a cure can be found is a difficult one for people affected by various disabilities. During this period they are in need of real world assistance to help them cope with the everyday reality of surging medical costs. Fortunately, governments can effectively intervene and ameliorate the situation with programs like the Disability Tax Credit, which provides up to $40,000 in financial relief annually for those who qualify.

The Disability Tax Credit has helped thousands of Canada’s disabled citizens get back on their feet financially in the aftermath of a devastating diagnosis. This innovative program allows them to restore a sense of balance to their household and redirect precious resources toward rebuilding and maintaining their quality of life. Surprisingly only about half of eligible Canadians actually participate in the program, a fact that is most often laid at the feet of the difficult application and approval process. To simplify the process and for better understanding of  people we have put together a comprehensive guide to understand Child Disability Tax credit.


Disability Credit Canada Has Helped Thousands of People and We Can Help You Too

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ADHD don’t let bureaucratic roadblocks get in the way of getting the assistance you and your family are entitled to. Call the professionals at Disability Credit Canada and let us take control of the situation for you. Our vast experience advocating on behalf of the disabled is a powerful asset to have in your corner and can increase your chances of being approved. We specialize in cutting through red tape and decoding fine print. So don’t delay, call us today at 1-855-765-4458. We offer real help, not pipe dreams.

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