Disability Tax Credit-Getting Children the Right Help for ADHD

July 18, 2016 by dccinc

Becoming a parent never was an easy feat, and everyone around us – from our parents whose ways and intentions we claimed we never understood but are now slowly learning to appreciate, to our friends who have had two more kids more down the line from us – are all kind enough to remind us of that each chance we get to compare notes and look for much needed help and support.

The challenge only gets tougher when we take a step back and realize that all those little mental notes we took to ask the family doctor in our next visit are coming together to form a larger picture: finally noticing some behavioural traits and characteristics our children exhibit that may be consistent with an article we all reluctantly picked up or stumbled upon while idly browsing the internet. A lot of online forums and articles talk about navigating the thrills and milestones of parenting while caring for and raising children with ADHD. The first of many right things to do would be to seek professional help, and the rest involves making sure our children are loved, understood and given the right kind of care and attention they need to grow up well, healthy and happy.

Navigating the realities of ADHD

Raising a child with ADHD is no stroll in the park or merely taking chances with no clear end goal in mind. We need to be prepared for everything that happens out there, in the real world where we would want our children to live normal lives, despite exhibiting some traits and behaving in patterns that appear to be different to their peers and the other parents who sit by our side in the park, keeping an eye on their kids, too. Always, our goal is to help our children remember that no matter how the going gets tough, when they’ve been unable to keep up with how the other kids in the playground played their games, when they cannot seem to be still and pay close attention or keep themselves from paying attention a little too close to what’s going on around them – we in ourselves are a home they can always come to.

We make for our family a home they can always run to, confide in and feel they are at their best. Preparing to create such a conducive, homey environment can be tasking, but one important thing to hold on to is to remember that we are not alone. There are a number of help and support mechanisms available not only to our children with ADHD, but also to us, parents tirelessly raising, tirelessly loving and tirelessly building for our children a life that suits their needs and makes the most of their vibrant, boundary-defying energies. Such are found in support forums online that outline the steps to your child’s diagnosis and the love we would all from then on, give to supplement all the therapy sessions, medication and other doctor’s fees.

For the community around us, the best support we can get comes through help with our applications for various forms of assistance we may receive, particularly from the Canadian government. It is no secret that in raising our children with ADHD, we shoulder some costs that come with striving to provide the best care and helping create a loving, fun-filled environment to raise our children in. We know that raising our children and giving them all the love they need to navigate the difficulties brought on by ADHD can be tasking, and it is the costs of therapy and medical expenses that cause a financial burden that can be helped if we all knew the resources available to us.

Helping Families

No more burdens, no more struggling with balancing costs for care with the love and nurturing we all wish to give our children and raise them with. Start your application for CPP Disability Benefit and Child Disability Tax Benefit today, and together, we will all cease to worry about being able to afford the care our children need, only now, how to best  make use of it in giving them full, healthy and happy lives. Get in touch now!


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