Reaction to CRA for Denying Individuals Suffering from Type 1 Diabetes

October 23, 2017 by dccinc

The Canada Revenue Agency received backlash for denying individuals suffering from Type 1 diabetes disability the right to receive disability tax credit despite having doctor’s certifications the entitle them to be eligible.

According to the letter for Revenue Minister Lebouthillier released on Sunday, Diabetes Canada and other therapeutic associations grumbled that it will become extremely difficult for individuals suffering from Type 1 diabetes to qualify disability tax credit, which by the way is worth an average of $1,500 per year.
During the month of May, the revenue department had stopped approving disability tax credit for individuals suffering from type 1 diabetes that had previously claimed it in the previous years.

What is the latest complaint about Type 1 diabetes disability?

This latest complaint regarding the government’s tax policy comes after the Liberals were forcefully asked to “reset” the “proposed” tax measures weeks after facing severe backlash and vocal opposition from “small business owners, farmers, doctors and backbench Liberal MPs”. Read More

The conservative critics describe the CRA’s treatment of diabetics as another case of a Liberal government drive to build income by pressing conventional Canadians.

Ms. Hanson(Conservative MPs, Diabetes Canada’s director of federal affairs, Kimberley Hanson) evaluated that already somewhere in the range of 80 percent of grown-ups with Type 1 diabetes were endorsed for the disability tax credit, however now for all intents and purposes, all are being rejected. She assessed that there are up to 100,000 Canadians who experience the ill effects of Type 1 diabetes and could meet all requirements for the expense credit.

Ms. Hanson distinguished how there has been a significant increment in claims in the previous two years, owing to some extent to the development of privately owned businesses that plan applications for a charge. Yet, guarantees still need to incorporate a confirmation from a specialist or medical attendant professional that the diabetic must spend no less than 14 hours every week on life-supporting treatments.

Type 1 diabetes disability denied

CRA View on this matter

CRA clarifies how there are many activates that are needed to manage type 1 diabetes such as a meal do not really fall under the category of “life-sustaining therapies”. Mr. Power said how there may be some sort of confusion among “medical practitioners” as to what activates qualify.

“It’s important to note that there has been no change to the eligibility criteria for the [disability tax credit] related to diabetes,” CRA spokesman John Power said in an e-mail. “The CRA has not changed its decision-making process with regard to DTC eligibility criteria.” Read more

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