Top 9 Mobile apps to help People with Disability

June 12, 2017 by dccinc


Today there are mobile apps for practically everything and everyone. New apps are being developed all the time for people who have a disability. These highly specific apps are designed to make life easier, and more fulfilling beyond just financial assistance through disability tax credit, and certainly, support inclusion and independence. So, who is creating these apps and what can they do? Let’s take a look.

Top 9 Mobile apps to help people with Disability

  1. Talkitt – This app gives a voice to people with speech disorders. “The Talkitt app translates unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech, allowing people to communicate using their own voice.” For individuals whose voices are affected by conditions such as ALS, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy and others, Talkitt is a way for them to finally have communication freedom.
  2. Be My Eyes – This is an app designed to support persons who are blind or have low vision. The app is not a translation software or voice recognition, but rather, it connects people with low vision, or people who are blind with sighted volunteers. At present, there are 35,000 users on this site, and 500,000 volunteers. It’s well on its way to becoming a great success.
  3. Avaz – This app is specifically for children on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Developed in India, it enables kids to communicate using pictures. It can be used by kids and adults.It has a picture and keyboard modes to support both types of communication.It may prove to be highly empowering for those kids who live with speech/communication challenges.
  4. RogerVoice – This app is for people in the Deaf Culture, or for persons who are Hard of Hearing. This clever app transforms speech into readable text, so that a person can read what another person is saying on the other end of the phone. It launched in 2015 for Android devices.
  5. Google Talk Back – Since this one is free, it might be worth a try. This app is for people with visual disabilities, and it’s an accessibility feature built into Androids. The app is designed to assist people in interacting with their various devices. While it’s considered very basic compared to other apps, it has vibration and spoken feedback. Since it’s pre-installed on the device, it’s definitely worth a try.
  6. Help Talk – This app is also free so that’s a bonus right off the top. The purpose of this one is to assist in communications for people who are unable to communicate orally. It’s currently available in 12 languages and has an SOS button to text someone if the person requires immediate assistance.
  7. NotNav – Here is a novel app, which was created by blind people for blind people. It’s actually a simple GPS navigation guide to use when walking around. The app DOES NOT replace using a guide dog and shouldn’t be thought of as doing so.
  8. Dragon Dictation – This app is wonderful for people who have limited or no use of their arms. It works by converting speech to text on a tablet or smartphone. It’s reported to have a high degree of accuracy and is very helpful with social media interactions.
  9. Wheel Mate – Finding accessible facilities can often be challenging in the urban environment. Here is an app to help you out. In particular, this app assists individuals to locate accessible parking and bathrooms when they’re on the move.

The world of mobile apps for people with disabilities is changing every day. New ideas are being patented and developed. There is a great deal of hope in that people’s lives are being opened up in ways that were previously impossible. Now, the possibility is here.

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