Top Rated Apps for Diabetes Management

Managing Diabetes Made easy with the following apps
September 16, 2019 by dccinc
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  1. What is Diabetes?
  2. How Can Apps Help You Keep Track of Your Diabetes?
  3. Best Diabetes Apps for iPhone & Android
    1. mySugr
    2. Sugar Sense
    3. Diabetes Connect
    4. Health2Sync
    5. Diabetes:M
    6. Fooducate
    7. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO
    8. Beat Diabetes
    9. BG Monitor Diabetes
    10. Diabetic Diet
  4. Disability Tax Credit for People with Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes as an ailment has been with humanity since ancient times with the first recorded diagnosis coming from Ancient Egypt around 1550 BCE. With insulin treatment for managing diabetes only being developed by Canadian doctors Frederick Banting and Charles Best in the early 20th century. As a disease, diabetes is characterized by abnormal blood glucose levels caused by the inability to make (Type 1) or to make use of (Type 2), insulin by the human body. This issue is usually caused in Type 1 diabetes due to an improper immune response by the body that causes damage and death to beta cells, the cells that produce insulin, in the pancreas or by certain genetic or lifestyle factors in the case of Type 2 diabetes.

How Can Apps Help You Keep Track of Your Diabetes?

Living with Diabetes means that understanding, tracking and controlling your food and nutrition intake, daily activities and blood sugar interact is crucial. It can be exhausting thinking about the amount of carbs you have consumed, how many insulin doses you need to take, or how your blood pressure has changed. While taking notes of these activities can be done the old-fashioned way with a pen and a piece of paper, there are innovative technologies that offer a place to log your data, and save you some quality time. We have created a list of some of the Web’s most trusted Diabetes managing and tracking apps that will assist you in consolidating your health information into one place, and help you make an informed and better choice for your life.

Best Diabetes app for iPhone & Android


Keeping track of your health data is never fun. MySugr, with its bright and interactive interface, will help you make the most out of the activity. With the app, you can input and track blood glucose levels, medications, meals, and carbohydrate intake. If you’re an iPhone user, the app also syncs with the Apple Health app to collect your physical activity and step data points. It can also sync with Accu-Chek glucose meters and give you an estimated hemoglobin count. Once your data is collected, they can be formed into charts, and are easy to send to your doctor, so you can work together to adjust your treatment and better manage your diabetes based on real, accurate information. Get the app for iOS and Android.

Sugar Sense

If you are looking for a no-frills, easy-to-use blood glucose tracking app, Sugar Sense might be the one. With a few taps of the screen, you can enter your blood glucose, along with meals, medications, and weight, the app also creates graphs and reports so you can track your progress in a readable, visual way. Sugar Sense also gives an estimated A1C, the main interest when checking blood glucose. Moreover, Sugar Sense syncs with a diet app made by the same developer: My Diet Diary Calorie Counter, which we’ll talk about later. Get the app for iOS and Android.

Diabetes Connect

Diabetes Connect is all about customization so you can better track and understand your condition. If there is any feature in the app that you don’t need, you can easily switch it off to keep the interface clean and simple. Track your weight, blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medication and more in one spot and sync it across several devices, so your data is always on hand. You can access your data on a web browser for better viewing as well. Get the app for iOS and Android
Apart from balancing your diet, Diabetes managing apps can help you better maintain your health


This is not just another app that tracks your blood glucose and provides reports, Health2Sync has a special feature where you can invite your family and friends to become your partners on the app. Not only they can see how your blood sugar has changed, but they can also send you messages of encouragement to motivate you on your journey. This app is a helpful reminder that having Diabetes doesn’t mean you’re alone. Get the app for iOS and Android.


Diabetes:M is more than just a logging app, it is a fully-featured diabetes managing app that has some of the most useful and outstanding functions: test time reminders, a nutritional log and tracking system, integrations with fitness apps, and blood sugar trend mapping. The app also offers an insulin bolus calculator based on the nutritional information you add. The app is adaptive, so you can stay on track whether you track it on your laptop, your tablet, your phone or your smartwatch. If you upgrade your subscription, you can add multiple profiles, so you or a family member or a friend can keep a lookout for each other’s progress. Get the app for iOS and Android.


Featured on The New York Times and ranked Apple’s Best Health & Fitness App for iPhone, Fooducate is the app that does it all. Fooducate is here to support you in figuring out which foods are best for keeping your blood sugar in a healthy range, because not all foods — or even carbs — are created equal. Scan or search for foods and see Fooducate’s grade of its calorie quality. The app makes it easy for you to track and discover more information about the foods you put in your body, including added sugar content, hidden ingredients, and provides you clear insights using colourful charts and graphs. Get the app for iOS and Android.

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO

This app is a calorie counter made with diabetes in mind. In addition to everything you’d expect from a calorie tracker — including the ability to sync with your fitness devices — MyNetDiary has space to track A1C, blood pressure, medications, symptoms, blood glucose level, net carbs, and total carb count. Comprehensive tracking and in-depth reports will help you understand how your diet, exercise, and lifestyle affect your health. This app syncs to the Sugar Sense app mentioned earlier as well. Get the app for iOS and Android.

BG Monitor Diabetes

BG Monitor is a diabetes tracker that keeps everything in one spot. Track your blood glucose, insulin, and carb intake. Input your target numbers, and the app automatically calculates your insulin for you. With this technology, logging your activities and progress is made much faster and easier. You can leverage data analytics to chart your trends, make smarter choices for your health, and share your information with your family and friends in a snap. By programming multiple reminders into the app, you can rest assured that this innovation will help you with diabetes management, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Get the app for Android.

Beat Diabetes

As a newly diagnosed patient, knowledge about your new condition is as important as tracking it. This beginner-friendly diabetes managing app can help bring you up to speed with its bright and easy interface. Beat Diabetes provides plenty of diabetes 101 information, from the foods to avoid, to simple ways to increase your physical activity; you’ll find balance and confidence in no time. Learn the complications to watch for and stay up to date with treatment options, from medical to Ayurvedic. Get the app for Android.
Without the hassle of bringing the blood glucose everywhere, Diabetes managing apps are conveniently installed on your phone

Diabetic Diet

This app is a lively resource, making it a useful tool for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes alike. Diabetic Diet app provides a library of knowledge on food, nutrition, healthy eating and weight loss tips for diabetes. Whether you have the condition or care about someone who does, this app can help you make an informed and proven decision, based on knowledge and choose the foods that serve you well. If you are into bite-sized information, find them in the reading material where content is broken down to straightforward, informative, and useful do’s and don’ts. Get the app for Android. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been on this journey for quite a while, help is always available. These apps give you’re the authority over your condition, as well as make this journey easier for you and your loved ones. Since 2018, health educators have had access to American Association of Diabetes Educators – a brand new website that will include rigorous reviews of diabetes apps, so they can help you navigate around this new technology and suggest the best-performing apps.

Disability Tax Credit for People with Diabetes

In 2019, Diabetes Canada reports estimate that close to 11 million Canadians, that’s close to one-third of the country’s entire population, are either prediabetic or are currently living with the disease, with more and more cases arising every year. Worldwide, there are 422 million people who suffer from this illness. Beyond what you can do yourself with these diabetes managing apps, provincial governments of Canada have established programs such as the Ontario Insulin Pump Supply Program and PharmaCare in British Columbia to help fund some of the costs for insulin and related medications. Read more about Government Programs for Diabetes Patient throughout Canada Furthermore, Canadians with diabetes, both type 1 and 2, and their supporting persons may be eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit. We have helped several applicants access the refund they were qualified for. Check out Disability Tax Credit for People with Diabetes for extensive information on this topic.

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